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RomiSounds is a one-man band. Romi brings to life guitar, harmonica, vocals, and drums; the core of his sound is his well- travelled signature instrument, a converted suitcase with a built in tambourine.

Romi writes and performs original songs. His style is an alluring combination of folk, Indie, and a lot of heart-felt acoustic. His biggest influence is Shaky Graves. Additionally, Romi covers mainstream indie rock, folk and hip-hop songs by artists like Mumford, the Lumineers, Matt Corby, and Jack Johnson. He brings a distinctive personality and ambience to all his performances.

Romi truly florishes when he is transforming the tempo of traditionally quick-paced tunes into slow ones and vice versa, personalising them to fit the mood of the environment, & connecting with his audience – often inspiring them to break out in dance.