Yannick Koffi

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Along the way, Yannick has been influenced by many music greats and genres, including that of his African born father.
In addition to Afro Caribbean, Reggae, Pop, and Jazz, Yannick admires the blues influenced music of John Mayer.

Yannick’s musical rendition of the song “Neon” secured him a scholarship and cemented his deep respect and admiration for John Mayer’s music.
Yannick is developing his own sound and style of music as a singer and songwriter writing rich music and touching lyrics which go well beyond his years.

Yannick currently attends the prestigious McDonald College of Performing Arts in Sydney where his musical passion and talent is recognised and further developed.
Yannick’s education perfectly compliments his home life. Born to a passionate, professional musician, Yannick’s first language is music.

Performing on stage, giving interviews and appearing on TV shows is second nature to this young virtuoso who is comfortable with just about any style of music from Blues to Rock to Afro-Caribbean tunes which run in his blood.
Yannick’s original songs have been professionally recorded and produced and turned into music video clips.