African Eatery

Taste the flavours of Africa at Lat Dior African Eatery established African restaurant with an 83% Urbanspoon rating. Owner Mohamed and Bineta Diagne have been in the food industry since they moved to Sydney over 20 years ago. Lat-Dior African Eatery was opened in 2005, as a continuation of Kilimanjaro which was located the heart of the diverse suburb of Newtown. Our goal as restaurant owners is to introduce the uniqueness of African food. It is an opportunity to give the community a taste of something different and rich in flavours. On BBR Festival : African dishes such as Yassa which is marinated chicken served with rice, and Mafe which is lamb and peanut sauce also served with rice. African Pastries and drinks will also be served. African BBQ Chicken, Lamb Tajine, Yassa (Chicken off the bone), Sagua-Sagua (Tender beef with spinach, coconut cream and African spices), Varenga (Madagascar mouth-watering beef marinated in African spices), Vegetarian Cous Cous and much more!