The Authentic French Cider by Val de Rance

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BBR Festival is the place where you can taste the real authentic French Cider. French Cider is produced in Brittany, France and is made from 100% thick-skinned small apples specially cultivated for this purpose on farms which employ environmentally responsible methods (IGP – Protected Geographical Indication – qualification). The juice contains a high amount of polyphenol and of apple skin, imparting it’s particular bitter and astringent taste. There’s no water, sugar or reconstituted apple juice so almost all of the apple’s sugar turn into alcohol, giving the drink a dry taste. Foaming, which occurs during brewing, when a small amount of carbonic acid is produced, adds more of a dry and refreshing taste. Val de Rance Cru Breton combines traditional skills and modern high quality control. Taste it with a French crêpe and you are in heaven…