Chooh La La !!!

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The Chooh La La!!! Concept, and its design, is based on an ancient trade operating throughout streets in ancient China and introduced to the streets of Paris and other major European & South American capital cities some centuries ago.  The idea of the layout is to provide a low risk treat that is cooked on the spot, nutritious and energising, whilst being in touch with the general public through the animation and demonstration of cooking on the spot. The atmosphere provided is designed to attract and satisfy taste buds with a simple flavour that is already a part of every inner child but almost forgotten.
“My Pralines are MSG free, have no added oil or fat, no dairy products nor artificial colours, no yeast, no animal product or by-products such as honey; it is 100% Vegan & also Gluten Free. This makes my product attractive to all walks of life, religions, Vegetarians & vegans, coeliac and of course to everyone who likes to have a nice little snack on the go or simply take some home for a loved one.”
‐ Gabriel Girard, Pralinier and Director
I moved to Sydney from France 22 years ago and built up an extensive business selling praline nuts at festivals and   markets in the 13 years I lived there.  I then moved to Melbourne and have been trading here for 9 years ‐ participating in a wide variety of events such as Moomba, the Grampians Grape Escape, Hamilton’s Sheepvention, Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show, Whittlesea Show, French Festivals – incl. Paris to Provence, World Vegan Day, Melbourne City’s NYE, the Fair Trade Festival, VIVA & the Sustainable Living Festival in Federation Square & City Square, many events at the Queen Victoria Market including the Wednesday Night international food markets just to mention a few. In addition, we operate at regular markets such as the Queen Victoria Markets and Melbourne’s Art Centre.
Of course I already have an environmental health registration and operate under a Class 3 certificate with the Nillumbik Shire and City Of Melbourne. I also have very good track record with multiple health departments including the City of Melbourne.

Pralines are prepared and packed on site in front of the public. Preparation involves enrobing, crystallizing, caramelising, cooling and packaging peanuts, almonds & macadamias – all of Australian origin only. In terms of packaging, the small bags, more popular, are made of biodegradable cellophane. The larger sizes are made of a photodegradable and/or recycled polypropylene.  I would like to make sure that you fully understand the nature of my concept as it does not fit into any stereotype you may have worked with in the past. This concept is purely based on an old street trade and is essentially designed to operate in large crowded areas or events. It provides a safe and friendly atmosphere and does not compete with anything already operating within your event.