Felix Halter

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Swiss born, Felix Halter is the son of an architect that specialised in designing hotels and restaurants in Switzerland and beyond. From an early age, Felix’s father would take him on tours of his completed projects. It was when Felix arrived at the new kitchens, his passion was ignited and he knew he wanted a career that was immersed in gastronomy. During a 3-year apprenticeship at the Restaurant Clipper, in the heart of Zurich, Felix learned to use the classical techniques of French cuisine. It was during this apprenticeship that Felix purchased his first camera and started to document his travels, his memories and his food journeys. By the age of 21 he set up his professional photography business and his passion for capturing the perfect images of not only food but also, landscapes, sport and people was born. Hungry to pursue exploring the techniques of classical French cuisine, he choose to work at the renowned Le Restaurant de l ’Hotel du Monde and the highly decorated Restaurant de l ’Aerodrome, both in the middle of the Swiss wine region surrounding Lausanne. When Felix enlisted in his compulsory military service, as Head Chef for the troops, he swapped his the idyllic position on Lake Geneva for a kitchen made of snow and ice over 3000 metres above sea level. Come and meet Felix on the Swiss Village for a delicious Swiss Menu. Tartelette fromage (cheese & bacon tart) Ziger spätzli (Swiss pasta with mountain herb cheese) Fleischkäse (Swiss meatloaf onion sauce) Laugen gipfel rohshinken (croissant with prosciutto) Nutella zopf 750gr (brioche like bread) Regular zopf 750gr (brioche like bread)