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The Raclette !!! The authentic French-Swiss Experience. When inviting over friends and family, there is nothing more entertaining and original than to experience “Raclette”. “Raclette” is a popular meal throughout France and Switzerland, perhaps better loved and favoured than its counterpart the “Fondue”. Both of these dishes have the same fundamental element, yummy and smooth melted French cheese. What sets Raclette apart from the fondue? The fondue is mainly eaten with bread whereas with Raclette not only can it be eaten with just about anything (cooked potatoes, meats, salads, you name it!) the cheese too is tastier! What is Raclette? The word Raclette comes from the French verb ‘Racler’ or to scrape. This is in reference to scraping and pouring melted cheese on the potatoes. The Raclette is primarily a traditional dish from the French-Swiss border in the Alps. Raclette Cheese is manufactured from raw cow’s milk and has a distinctive aromatic flavor with a smooth consistency that makes it perfect for melting. The original recipe is based on cheese melted on a special Raclette machine where each person gets their own individual mini pans to melt the cheese according to their taste all while everyone is bonding and chatting amongst themselves and sipping wine. Once the cheese is melted, it is then poured on cooked potatoes, which can be diced or mashed, topped off with different types and cuts of meat and accompanied with salads and pickles.

What you will taste on BBR Festival ?

La Traditionnelle: (Vegetarian Dish): Boiled potatoes, bechamel sauce, cornichons, salad, melted Raclette cheese La Charcutiere : (With Meat): Boiled potatoes, bechamel sauce, cornichons, salami, ham, salad, melted Raclette cheese