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In November 2010, an Aussie girl (Kaz) and a Québécois guy (Seb) met in a villa in Seminyak, Bali through mutual friends. After a whirlwind romance, they decided to make Wollongong their home. Although Seb was transplanted from Canada, with his two cats, his love of French-Canadian cuisine did not stay in North America. You will be subjected to a very unique encounter with our maple meals here, Down under. As far as we know, we are the only one doing Traditional French-Canadian cuisine in Australia. You will drip in front of the traditional Quebec Dishes that will be presented to you. Meats that melts in your mouth. Dessert that will make your “sap” go up! Talking of sap, we use maple syrup in every dishes presented to you. Some of our recipes comes directly from the cook book of the world famous chef and is sugar shack, ‘Au pied de cochon’. Maple syrup only a sweet story? No way! you will be so pleased by the savoury side of it too….not only for the pancakes!! You will also be immerse in the heart of the popular street cuisine with our poutines… we will blink to our French cousin with the Tazmanian red Square cheese and French duck confit poutine!:)

Le Montréal Shack is proud to reveal is 2016 BBR Festival special menu .

Our poutines

*prices includes a bottle of water,

-La Classique

(Fresh double fried chips+ cheese curds and gravy) 16$

-La Québécoise

(Fresh double fried chips, Québec Mapple Duck and cheese curds and gravy)18$

-La Oz canard

(Duck fat chips, Tazmanian Red Square cheese, French duck confit,cheese curds and gravy) 22$

-La Marseillaise

(Sauté French foie gras, cheese curds, gravy and baguette) 25$

For desert our Queue de castor (beaver tail pastry) or Mapple Toffee on ice

Bon appétit!