Petit Bistro

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Petit Bistro started with one ambition: bring the flavours of our mum’s kitchen to large crowds. Petit Bistro’s French Chef Greg Lauer cooks using the same techniques, with no preservatives and only fresh ingredients. With years of practice, Petit Bistro has acquired the know-how to make it available to everyone. Petit Bistro trades at many Festivals and Markets and its delicious food is availanle to order online. For BBR Festival, the duo Cyril and Greg explores some of the French dishes that they are most nostalgic about, such as Beef Bourguignon and the very traditional dish, which was made popular worldwide by a rat: the Ratatouille, all served on rice. Petit Bistro will also offer a non-alcoholic mulled wine (Vin Chaud) a perfect match at this time of the year, a delicious beverage for the entire family.