This is your chance to have your share of the Worlds best chips with the fullest potato flavour.
Please drop by and request a free sample! Once you tasted one you wonder how long ago it was you tasted a chip this nice.

Our chips are shipped from northern Europe where they grow those amazing potatoes. And with our wide selection of delicious sauces these crunchy chips are truly irresistible. Ever tried our Aoili (with fresh garlic) or our amazing Sauce Andalouse? Or would you prefer our Dijonaise?
Our creamy and light sweet Dutch Mayonnaise has always been a winner.

Why not have a few sauces as they are all available at no extra cost. At YellowThings, We even invite you to come back and get more sauce when you are halfway your serve of chips if you like!

YellowThings chips are 100% gluten free and vegetarian as our oil comes from plants and only get used for frying our beautiful chips.

Finish off with Real Fresh Lemonade made from real lemon juice squeezed on the spot Icy Cold 95%, sugar free with no artificial colorings or preservatives and served in big 400 ml and huge 600ml cups.